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Dental Marketing - Done For You Dental Marketing Services

Get Found Online on Google. Local consumers use Google more than anything else to decide which Dentist to call when they, or their families need a dentist.
Whether simply requiring a clean-up, cavity filling, root canals or even cosmetic work, your patients look to Google for help.
If your dental practice is not found here, then you may as well be invisible to the average consumer.

Dentistry Marketing

This is Google places. It is the number one area on the internet to generate real customer leads for your dental practice.
People are searching for dentists all day, every day. If you can't be found by those searching you'll get the same result, no leads.
Our company works with general dentists across the country to solve this exact problem.
If your website is not bringing in a steady flow of leads for your business, we can help.
We understand the unique value your dental practice provides its patients.

Dentist Marketing

Unlike many search marketing firms, we've learned from our past clients that depending on the age of your practice your target clients may vary.
As a new dental practice, you'd like a steady stream of new patients, with a focus on insurance patients.
As your dental practice matures, you may want less new insurance patients, but would prefer higher end cosmetic patients.
The strategies to target these two groups are completely different, so it is important for a search marketing company to understand your business and goals.
Our goal is to take your dental practice and develop a strong, comprehensive internet presence.
So that when people are researching Google for a dentist, they'll find you and not a competitor.
What we do is not magic. It is really just consistent work across several key areas.
Your website, Google places listing, third party directory sites, customer reviews and links to your website.
The goal is simple. We want your dental practice to be found everywhere possible patients are found.
While being number one is great, being found everywhere is better!

You may be asking yourself, can I just do this work myself?
While our typical answer to this question is, yes you could! You would only require a full time marketing person on staff with some focused training.
The reality is, that dentistry is a challenging business to market online through search engines.
Success with Google places and local search is very difficult without a team of competent internet marketing experts to work on your behalf.
Let me ask you a question? Do you want to spend your valuable time marketing your dental practice online, or would you rather do what you do best and hire a professional team of search marketing experts to do it for you?
Our goal is to be there for you. We want to be your partner and help your practice build a real presence online.
The end goal is not going to happen overnight, however you will see real results right away.
We want to offer you a free analysis of where your dental practice fits online in your specific market.
We'll show you how you fair in key search areas such as: Dentists, General Dentist, Emergency dentist, Teeth whitening and Veneers.
Our team are highly focused search marketing experts and specifically work in the dental market.
Thank you for watching. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your dental practice.

Dental Marketing